Event Calendar


July 2018

Ian Nelson Solo Exhibition

Artist Reception: July 8th 1-4:00 pm 

Gallery 1855 is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of Ian Nelson. the exhibition will run throughout the month of July. The artist reception will be held July 8th from 1-4:00 pm. Ian is a California native that moved to Maui, Hawaii in 2008 to pursue his passion for ocean sports. His full color underwater images are printed on aluminum.  His work has been published in National Geographic and he has exhibited at many galleries. His works feature his travels in Hawaii and Thailand. The subjects include foliage, animals and ocean life.

“Photographing the octopus truly is an art and it is a skill that has taken me years to develop. Octopus are incredibly intelligent, cunning and elusive. To find octopus you must develop the “eye.” Their camouflage is so effective that they can blend the color and texture of their skin with their surroundings. Once you have found an octopus, the fun begins. With some patience and a bit of luck, hopefully, you can witness them hunting, traveling, mating, or simply hiding in a hole.” Ian Nelson

Ian works on a sailboat providing private charters and as a professional photographer. Ian became interested in photography at a young age and took photography class in high school, but it wasn’t until years later that he would pick up the camera and start shooting again. Ian’s love of travel and the ocean have provided him with a diverse subject matter for his fine art photography.

Gallery 1855 is a non-profit art gallery located at the historic cemetery district. Visitors are welcome Monday-Friday 9-4:00 pm and second Sunday from 1-4:00 pm. More details can be found at www.daviscemetery.org


August 2018

Celebration of Life Group Art Exhibition


Charles V. McDonald

Mariam Alsaid

Open Call
The Davis Cemetery and Arboretum will host its ninth annual Celebration of Life Arts Exhibition August 2018. Artists of all stages are welcome to contribute to this group art exhibition . Work should be ready to be hanged and delivered by July 23rd. Please label your piece with all relevant information. We welcome a variety of mediums but due to space limitations cannot accept sculpture or large scale pieces.

The art exhibition will be on display at the on-site gallery from August 1-August 30th . The artist reception will be held Sunday, August 12th from 1-4:00 pm. The Davis Cemetery is as 820 Pole Line Road. For more information, call
530-756-7807, email is cemetery@dcn.org or visit http://www.daviscemetery.org.

September 2018

September 9, 2018 Artist Reception

Photographs of Charles V. McDonald


October 2018

October 14, 2018 Artist Reception

Michael Radin and Michael Stone


November: Group Art Exhibition Different Strokes Painters

Artist Reception: November 11, 2018 1-4:00 pm

Different Strokes is a group of local painters. These nine artists gather to critique and support one another on their artistic journey. Ann Teal, Anne Lincoln, Dick Stern, Gai Perry, Irene Osuga, Janice Long, Larry Mitchell, Linda Ayre, and Morgan Wright each have their own unique style and methods. They work in oil, acrylic, and even water color. Their styles cover a range from abstract to photo-realism. This group show will run throughout the month of November. Come meet the artists at the opening reception November 11th.




December 2018

Artist Reception December 9, 2018

Bird Paintings of Nelson Loskamp


January 2019


February 2019

Farm Circle Photography Club Group Show

The talented photographers of the Davis Farm Circle Photography club will be exhibiting their photos this February 2018.

March 2019

Paintings and drawing of the 7-8th Grade Students of the Davis Waldorf School

April 2019


May 2019


June 2019


July 2019


August 2019


September 2019

Joseph Finkleman

October 2019


November 2019






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