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Solo Exhibition of Charles V. McDonald Opening Reception September 9th from 1-4:00 pm

Gallery 1855 is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of artist Charles V. McDonald. Charles is frequently spotted camera in hand documenting the exciting world of sports, arts and charitable events. His latest solo exhibition “Some Play and Even More Cheer” will be a must-see exhibition. The show will run throughout September and a special art reception will be held on Sunday, September 9th from 1-4:00 pm. His keen eye and humor can be seen and felt In his work. The works explore the similarities and differences of a variety of every day places and scenarios.

“The name of my solo photographic exhibition “Some Play & Even More Cheer” was originally intended to picture athletes engaged in playing their sport vs. the pictures of non-engaged spectators. A very simple contrast between the two. Or, so I thought.
I knew exactly which of my photographs to highlight as my “featured” or “title piece” for the solo exhibition. It is the one of spectators lined around the roller-skating track out at The Rink facility (off Bradshaw and Route 50).
And yet, that very image quickly became its own contradiction. Yes, the spectators were not active skaters, but in my photograph, they do appear to be both actively engaged in the action and many look to be emotionally involved in the outcome.
My vision for this photographic exhibition soon expanded to incorporate other dual interpretations derived from subjects that I photographed.”

I am hopeful that the viewer will discover their own pronouncement of “this vs. that” in my photographic exhibition. E.A. Bucchianeri, Brushstrokes of an Gadfly said it best “Art (contradiction?) is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone will have their own interpretation.” Charles V. McDonald

Gallery 1855 is non-profit, contemporary gallery located at the Davis Cemetery District office. Visitors are welcome to enjoy the beautiful grounds, enjoy a treat courtesy of the cemetery and take in the fine art at the most unique gallery in the region. Details can be found at

Amgen Tour California
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Women’s Lacrosse
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Old Glory at The Rink
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Naomi Bautista Solo Exhibition

MAY 3-MAY 30, 2018
ARTIST RECEPTION MAY 20, 2018 1:00 PM-4:00 PM
Davis artist Naomi Bautista celebrates her 15th year as an artist with her first solo exhibition at Gallery 1855. Naomi’s exhibition will include recent still life and landscape paintings. Her paintings reflect the unique expressions and dimensions for each individual on this planet. As an artist she transfers to canvas through her creative viewpoint.
“I started out by taking a basic painting class at the Davis Arts Center and a local community college followed by more classes and workshops at other places from various teachers.
Some of the teachers taught me fundamental basic techniques while others taught me how to transfer my love of colors and energy onto the canvas.
I paint many different subjects. Any subject can be a reference of what my artistic eyes interpret, where the interpretation is something only I can create. I try to develop my own style of painting but if I have to categorize it, it can be called impressionism and abstract.
I feel so fortunate to be able to do what I love to do. I hope that the art I create can provide happiness and joy to others as well.”
Naomi exhibition will be on display at the historic Davis Cemetery Office. Enjoy the colorful paintings and the colorful gardens throughout the month of May. The gallery is open M-F 9-4:00 pm and second Sunday from 1-4:00 p.m.

CALL TO ARTISTS Celebration of Life Exhibition

The Davis Cemetery and Arboretum will host its ninth annual Celebration
of Life Arts Exhibition August 2018. Artists of all stages are welcome to contribute to this group art exhibition . Work should be ready to be hanged and delivered by July 23rd. Please label your piece with all relevant information.  We welcome a variety of mediums but due to space limitations cannot accept sculpture or large scale pieces.

The art exhibition will be on display at the on-site gallery from
August 1-August 30th . The artist reception will be held Sunday, August 12th from 1-4:00 pm.

The Davis Cemetery is as 820 Pole Line Road. For more information, call
530-756-7807, email is or visit

Art of Celebration Group Art Exhibition OPEN CALL

Calling all artists, Gallery 1855 is holding an open call for our non-juried group exhibition “Art of Celebration”.  The exhibition will run from December 6th-December 30th.  All 2d works are welcome photography, collage, painting, and/or drawing.

A party and artist reception will be held December 10th from 1-4 pm.  This show will be open to all ages and to professionals and amateurs.

  • Please only one piece per an artist.
  • Work must be ready to hang
  • Work must be no larger than 16″x 20″
  • Work must be delivered by December 1st by 4:00 pm.
  • Contact Kristi Dvorak at with any questions.

Gallery 1855 is a non-profit gallery featuring a number of internationally recognized artists each year. We are located on the historic grounds of the Davis Cemetery District at 820 Pole Line Road, Davis, Ca. More information can be found at



Reflect and Repeat: Images from the Gladding, McBean Factory Photographs by Gene Kennedy


Join us Sunday, October 15th for the opening reception for photography Gene Kennedy. His solo exhibition “Reflect and Repeat: Images from the Gladding, McBean Factory” will run throughout the month of October. Come meet the artist, enjoy his works and experience the most unique gallery location in town. The afternoon artist reception will include a free concert with the New Harmony Jazz Band.

Gene Kennedy has been photographing for more than forty-five years. He gained recognition nationally for his photography of the evolving California Landscape. Regionally I am known as a photography of the evolving California landscape. Regionally he is celebrated as a photographer, teacher, gallery, administrator and former director of the popular Gladding McBean Photography Workshops.

Gene’s photographic projects have focused on the man-impacted environment, with a few nods of appreciation to the natural world, and the occasional touch of humor. His documentary-style landscape reside in the collections of the California State Library, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York, among others.

“It makes sense in a place whose job is to make multiple identical copies of products, ranging from roof tiles to gigantic sewer pipes to delicate figures for architectural decoration that pictures made in that place might also reflect the same repetitious quality. That is, repetitious in the best sense of the word. Such was my intent in selecting the images for this show. Most of them have never been exhibited before, but a few old favorites also appear.

The Gladding, McBean & Co. factory, in the Placer County town of Lincoln, opened in 1875 and has operated continuously since then, surviving two World Wars and the Great Depression. Starting as a clay pipe manufacturer, “the pottery” expanded its product line and by the end of the 19th century was producing architectural Terra cotta ornamentation for buildings, most notably after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Ernest Hopkins, columnist for the San Francisco Examiner, said in July, 1928:  “From a hole in the ground, here in the lower end of Placer County, the modern city of San Francisco has come.” (Not to mention thousands of other buildings in San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Portland, and Seattle, and places as far-fetched as New York, Chicago, Tokyo and London.

I was privileged to be able to organize and lead photographic workshops at Gladding, McBean for 16 years. Close to 300 enthusiastic photographers made it into the pottery during that time, and many of them came back time after time after time, simply because they weren’t finished taking pictures there. If we had been able to continue after 2011, I’m sure many of them would have come back again.

I’m sure all those photographers would join me in expressing their sincere gratitude to the workers and management of Gladding, McBean for the extraordinary gift of being allowed to visit and photograph this magical place.”

Gallery 1855 is located at the historic Davis Cemetery District office at 820 Pole Line Road, Davis, CA. . It is a non-profit community space that celebrates local artists  as well it’s unique history. For more information about upcoming exhibitions please go to

Simon Dvorak: Nodes An Exploration Exhibition

Simon Dvorak Solo Exhibition: Nodes

Exhibition Dates: December 1-December 30, 2016

Artist Reception December 11, 2016 1-4:00pm

Gallery 1855 is pleased to announce the solo exhibition by multi-media artist Simon Dvorak. His solo exhibition “Nodes” will be exhibited throughout the month of December.  A special end of the year opening reception will be held on Sunday, December 11th 1-4:00pm.

Simon Dvorak has shown his work in multiple mediums throughout the United States. His latest work is an exploration of networks. Nodes, connected and disconnected, forming a greater whole, exist as independent and yet dependent objects. Connected and energy can be transferred. Disconnected and the node exists independently. Electrical circuits, computer networks, your ‘Related Items’ have all manifested as a result of this paradigm.

“Through the vibrant medium of oil paint I have tried to visualize these concepts in diverse formats and styles. In a time of social networks aided by technology, examining the power and beauty of networks becomes imperative so that we may better understand their nature and potential impact of their forms.”

This will be a must see exhibition. All work for sale by the artists. More information about the artist can be found at